exploring #1

A collection of pictures I took when my nephew and I were visiting some pretty places this afternoon. 

week thirty-four.

I finally found the time to upload some pictures of last week's theme!
This was really one of my favorite shoots during this project. It had been raining a lot and that's why I decided to use every hour without rain. haha I knew I wanted to use a window at my grandma's place because these windows do not look like those typical new ones everywhere around our house.

freelensed flowers I used afterwards
quick edit of an outtake.

week thirty-three.

This week, I've been sick and couldn't shoot all weekend and when I was finally healthy again, we had the worst weather. So I decided to use these coloring tablets my nephew gave me. 

For this shoot I used a bathtub, one red tablet, a tripod and a remote control which I used with my mouth. haha



week thirty-two.

I'm so sorry that I forgot to update the blog here. I've been busy with editing client shoots and enjoying the few hot days we have. haha
Anyway, this is Ferdinand, the sweetest little cow.He lost his mommy and that's why we take care about him so much. We feed him and he gets lots of hugs and love. He has been so much better lately and we're really happy about that.  



I love to spend time with my cousin so I am super happy that her summer job is close to my town. We were shooting all afternoon on Sunday, in the evening I drove her to the city and we had ice cream there. The next day I visited her again and we strolled through the streets. 

photoshop accidently made her a fringe while expanding and i decided to leave it haha

I saved this little guy from being killed because he eats some important plants. 

best ice cream I had so far.

week thirty.


This shoot was just therapy on a really hot day when a bun was really necessary and I liked the result so it turned into a black and white to fit the theme.