I love to spend time with my cousin so I am super happy that her summer job is close to my town. We were shooting all afternoon on Sunday, in the evening I drove her to the city and we had ice cream there. The next day I visited her again and we strolled through the streets. 

photoshop accidently made her a fringe while expanding and i decided to leave it haha

I saved this little guy from being killed because he eats some important plants. 

best ice cream I had so far.

week thirty.


This shoot was just therapy on a really hot day when a bun was really necessary and I liked the result so it turned into a black and white to fit the theme. 

week twenty-nine.


Finally had the time to update this! I'm a bit behind with posting here due to work and meeting friends but I'll upload loads of things now haha

week twenty-eight.

The weekend was super stressful and I didn't have time to shoot until today. I really missed all this - exploring nature and constantly being amazed by it (I pulled over like three times to take a picture of the sunset haha), being out and taking pictures just for me and my passion. And if this includes being stung by approximately thousands of mosquitos, hello little creatures, you're having a feast today.


we had an hour and we're friends now.


week twenty-seven.

That is all that exists from this shoot because we were both wet after a minute.