Croatia - June 21st - June 28th

Two weeks ago I went to Croatia with my sister, her husband, her dad and my four year old nephew. We had a really nice apartment in Medulin which was quite close to the beach. 

We went by car and left at half past six in the morning. It took us around eight hours and when we arrived we just walked around the city and had dinner.

The next days were just beach days with long walks and delicious food in the evening. The weather was really good and we enjoyed to be outside all day.

We had two days with not so perfect weather. On the first day we went to a dinosaur park with lots of attractions. One of them was basically me because some clown chose me to be part of his show. This was really embarrassing but I so rocked that thing.

The second day we went to Pula. A beautiful city where we went shopping, had ice cream and looked at an old roman arena. 

The rest was beach days again where we collected lots of shells, built sand castles, had ice cream and enjoyed the hot weather until the very end.

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